What is Thoughts and Stuff?

Thoughts and Stuff is a place for me to get my thoughts about Apple, and tech in general, out of my head. Occasionally, I might write about travel, education, or football1, too.

Who writes all this stuff?

This website is written and run by Karan Varindani. You can find some of my older work at 301 and at Shining Paradigm. I’m constantly looking for ways to make the site better, so you’ll often find me tweaking the code and other things you probably (read: hopefully) won’t notice. Feel free to get in touch.

Tell me more about the site

Thoughts and Stuff is a static Jekyll site hosted on a Linode server2. The theme is a modified version of the default Minima theme, and somewhat mimics that of Shining Paradigm. All posts are written in Ulysses (Mac, iOS). The site’s colors and logo3 were provided by my friend, John Branagan. Consider him for your graphic design needs.

Do you have an RSS Feed?

Of course. (XML, JSON)

How does the site make money?

It doesn’t. I started this website as a way for me to improve my web development and server management skills, and because I quite enjoy writing the things I do here. I do use iTunes Affiliate links though! (RIP)

  1. The real one. I believe some of you (wrongly) call it “soccer.”

  2. I love Linode. They’re a fantastic company, and you should strongly consider them if you have any server needs.

  3. The logo is an adaptation of the flag of Ghana (my home country), with the colors changed to reflect the layout of the website.